Margie Burciaga for
Austin City Council - District 10

Join our team to bring strong leadership, integrity and transparency to city hall. Margie was the 1st candidate city wide to call for a city homestead exemption and zero based accounting practices so we all may know how our tax dollars are being spent. We must get all non-related utility items out of the utility departments so that when we pay our bills we know exactly what we are paying for. It's high time we stop fuzzy math at city hall. Why aren't we #1 in the country for taking care of our residents? Vote Margie for Austin and bring government back to the people."


Pol.Adv Margie Burciaga Campaign: P O Box 28366 Austin, TX 78755, Mindy Montford, Treasurer.
This campaign has not agreed comply with the contributions and expenditure limits of the Austin Fair Campaign Chapter.
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